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So I’m off to Kenya tonight – just about ready to head to the airport…. We’ll be training in the Kwale Program Unit district with about 20 high school aged youth from one of the nearby communities. They have to go back to school on May 3, and we weren’t able to negotiate any additional time with them, so we will have to fit the 2 week training into just about 9 days — we’ll see how that goes. I’m pretty stressed right now about it actually… but normally it all works out.

I’ll fly from Boston to Nairobi and then take a short flight to Mombasa, stay over night there, and then will be picked up in the morning to go to the training center. I’ll meet with the Plan Kenya staff to prepare, and then Thurs-Sat we’ll have the facilitator’s training and work out all the details for the following week with the youth. We have a basic outline that just needs fleshing out. We’ll also check over all the equipment, etc. and be sure we’re ready. We’ll start the training with the youth on Sunday Apr 26 and run through May 3, and then I’ll stay a few extra days to finish up.

I’m going to try tweeting from there to see how that goes…. could be interesting to use the YETAM twitter account for the youth to post what is going on during the training and the project, but we’ll see if they are interested and if we have a good enough connection….


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