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I've worked at the intersection of community development, participatory media, rights-based approaches and new information and communication technologies for almost 20 years, starting in El Salvador where I spent the 1990s. This has included being involved on the 'field' side in translation, communications, programs, grants, administration, management, disaster response, youth media, and ICT4D. On the US side, I've worked on major and planned giving, program development, youth engagement, development education, research, strategy and innovation. I'm an anthropologist by degree and a participant observer by nature. Areas of interest and focus at the moment: open development, transparency and accountability, aid transparency, and participatory governance child migration and ICTs gender and ICTs mobile technologies and youth workforce development new technologies in the M&E process communication for development (C4D) ethics and stereotyping in development communications and the media in general how new technologies and the shifting global sands are disrupting/impacting aid and development work

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