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Linda Raftree (@meowtree) is co-founder of Kurante, a small firm that works on strategy, program design, research, and technology in development work. She has worked at the intersection of community development, participatory media, youth, gender, and information and communication technologies (ICT) since 1994. Linda advises The Rockefeller Foundation’s Evaluation Office on the use of ICTs in monitoring and evaluation and worked for many years with Plan International USA on youth engagement, innovation, transparency and overall strategy. She has conducted research on adolescent girls and ICTs for UNICEF and Girl Effect Mobile, the role of ICTs in child/youth migration for the Oak Foundation, mobile technologies and youth workforce development for the mEducation Alliance, and ICT-enabled monitoring and evaluation for Rockefeller. Linda is a co-founder of Regarding Humanity, which encourages debate and dialogue around the portrayal of ‘the poor’ in the media, social impact work, and non-profit marketing. She runs Technology Salons in New York City and advocates for ethical approaches to ICT design, use and data privacy in the humanitarian and development space. Linda created WhiteSave.me, a commentary on techno-utopianism and privilege.

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