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My children were not born in the United States. They were born in El Salvador. We moved to the US when they were 9 and 4 years old. Their father is not and never has been a US citizen or legal resident. They’ve likely lived in the US a lower percentage of their lives than many of the young people who just had their dreams dashed when US Senate blocked the DREAM act, legislation that would have provided legal residency to young people who came to the US illegally before age 16 and who graduated from high school, completed 2 years of college or military service and had no criminal record.

My son is applying for college. He’s just been accepted at one of his top choice schools. He is eligible for scholarships, grants and loans that will cover almost the entire cost of his education. He worked his ass off to get where he is. But what if we’d ended up staying in El Salvador? If he’d worked just as hard there in El Salvador, would he be planning to go to one of the world’s top schools in the Fall? Would his education have prepared him to go? Or what if instead of having me for a mother, he’d had another woman as a mother? A woman exactly like me who wasn’t a US citizen when we moved to the US. What then?

How are my children any more worthy than other young people their same age who came to the US as young children, but whose parents were not able to obtain legal status? Why do my children have more privileges?

Ah, right. Because I happen to be their mother and I happen to have been born in the US. That’s the only reason. It just seems so unfair.

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